hi all

the video is at:
(mpeg 4 in QT) is the below:

I've just quickly put together another vog, this one from footage I
shot from my first floor street balcony in what I suppose was a suburb
of Lugano.

ElasticMovies Lugano Hotel View is the work. It has the same visual
interaction as the previous elastic movie, mousing in causes the video
to 'zoom' (on OS X it will zoom till you seem to get a 9 x 9 grid of
pixels then it gives up and you just get white screen, of course I
guess I might have just focussed on a white pixel). Mousing out causes
the video to reset itself to its appropriate size. The footage is what
I shot from the hotel. I've left the sync sound track on, which
includes some very noisy street sound (cars going past). I've also
recorded a voice over which is played as a <a
000165.html">child movie</a>. This means the soundtrack is much longer
than the video, and loads independently of the parent movie (the video)
so you won't hear my commentary until this second track has downloaded.
I could script when it ought to start playing but prefer to let network
vagaries and stutters have their head in these matters. It needs
QuickTime 6 since the video is MPEG4.

Adrian Miles
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