Any tips?

— In, Jay Dedman <jay@m…> wrote:
> so what do you guys need to get started?
> you understand how to put a video on your blog?
> you just got to get the process down a couple times and its easy.
> Maybe its time for another "videoblog week".

To get started.. I think we need some tips on what software to use
to create vblogs, what format is the best to use? i.e. quicktime,
windows media or realmedia? How do you guys go about getting your
vblogs onto your blogs? Can you give us a breakdown of what it is
you do?

An issue that has just been raised is the question of storage – it's
going to be impossible to store every single vblog on my webspace.
Plus if we're going to archive everything for future generations,
replacing files isn't really going to work. How do you get around