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I just put up yet another article on <>

Jay has been kicking some people into writing, and I like the results.
Lately I've added:

– Videoblogging With a Phone (Lisa Harper)
– Videoblogging The Studio (Mica)
– Video Blogging to Vogging (Adrian Miles)

The last one (the one I put up just now) is relevant to our current talks
about video comments. Adrian has been putting into words what I've been
thinking about. It's easy to understand too. :o)

I've got a couple of questions for you, Adrian. I want to do linking and
trackbacking now and not tomorrow. I've got the trackbacking down:
Pingbacks is the answer – it's just a matter for servers to be configured
correctly. It's the linking stuff I don't know how to do. Is Quicktime Pro
all I need to make certain area of a video clickable? (and overlay images
that are also links)

Because that's worth the $30 for Quicktime Pro alone.

– Andreas

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