Automated vloging by script

Hello all! I was asked to join this group. I sometimes work on the
projects at

One of my utilities would come in handy for those wishing to vlog and
use BitTorrent to do it.

It would do the automatic blog posting via XML-RPC of a .torrent of a
file's info from your local machine.

You would still have to come up with:

– move movie to torrent-seeding location (dos move or linux mv)
– making a torrent (solved, command line utility)
– uploading the torrent to your blog hosting (solved, and
others support "scp" secure copy (an ftp replacement using SSL))
– startup local torrent for seeding
– blog post with link to .torrent & details (my part)
– a script to combine all of the above (what we're talking about here)

Then, you could just execute that script against whatever… MPEG,
MOV, etc… It would move it into your BT folder, make a torrent
file, start seeding, upload the actual torrent to your hosting, and
then post a blog entry with the link to the .torrent.

Any handy shell scripting types available out there? My utilities use
very basic C#, so mono could run them on Linux.

All other utilities are equally or better in being cross platform.
All we would need is a set of scripts.

I'm finishing my Torrent2Blog utility, which opposed to
TorrentBlogger's Blogger API, uses the metaWeblog API compatible with
Radio and MT.

What all do you guys use? Do they support either the Blogger API or
the metaWeblog api?