bit torrent is too confusing


Tom, our resident BitTorent guy, sent me this great link.
I love the name.

"Our objectives for this project are:
To make it completely effortless for complete neophytes to download torrent
To make it as easy as possible for people who have websites to set up their
own torrent tracker.
To make sharing a torrent as fast and easy as posting a file to a website.
If we pull this off–and we can– we'll have made sharing four-gigabyte
files as easy as sending an email to your friend.
What we plan to do with BattleTorrent can solve the ease-of-use problem.
And integrating BitTorrent capabilities with blogging will make the
experience seamless for bloggers and readers. That's when things get

for me, P2P is a confusing mess with concern to posting a videoblog.
what's exciting is maybe one day I can post 100MB+ files to my videoblog.
people watch DVD quality videos(big!) and I dont host it.
oh, and while my computer is on, it is always unnoticeably downloading the
latest videos that ive subscribed to.
so im never really waiting for downloads.
and somehow someone figures out how to hook my computers into the Tv so I
could watch with other people.

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