bloggercon update

>are you featured at any panels or anything (what the hell do they have
>at boggercon anyway?)
>or are you just walking up to people/groups and talking to them?
>are you showing them videos or just making them?

nope. i am just a user here.
how it works is….every session has a moderator who sets up the
conversation…then people raise their hand and comment or argue…

it's good..but like i told steve garfield…i feel like the new kid on
the first day of school.
everyone is heavy geek and no one is videoblogging.
so cameras seem to make people uncomfortable and im figuring it out.
the issue i see is this:
theers no clear vision where we alll want to go.
i see a lot of serious bloggers here who want to make CASH.
see, i can undersatnd but here's where everything starts to get derailed.