Hello all,

I'm an entrepreneur in NYC that has recently secured funding for my
broadband media startup. Our product/network will enable anyone to
broadcast DVD quality video over the Internet to an unlimited number
of viewers at no cost. I'm particularly passionate about helping
video bloggers and independent content producers to get their visual
stories to the world by entirely bypassing the bureaucracy of
traditional offline distribution channels and the technical, quality
and cost limitations of streaming video online.

I believe strongly that if you give the world a free, easy-to-use
self-publishing tool for securely distributing (and even monetizing)
video online, it would ignite the minds and imagination of thousands
of creative people around the world that would otherwise never have
their content seen by anyone outside of their immediate circle of
friends and family. While most of the content would be relevant only
to their producer and perhaps close friends (much like text-based
blogs) I believe there are hidden gems out there that the masses
would eagerly and loyally consume if they could easily find
it, `subscribe' to it, and watch it (instantly, clearly and
full screen) on their IP-enabled device of choice, whenever they
want. Our business plan is counting on it and I would love your help
to validate some of our thinking and product concepts.

Just the fact that we were able to secure funding from a major VC
with video blogging as a central premise is a testament to the rapid
growth and industry recognition of this dynamic new community which
you are leading.

Peter and Jay I'd love to get together sometime to discuss our
concepts and your thoughts. How does another long walk in the park

Looking forward to the ongoing discussions and making history