BSL group

Thought I would update you guys on what has happened in the UK Deaf
world these past few weeks. Basically, it's been revolutionised
(although not everyone knows about it yet!).

I think Alison mentioned this before; we set up a Yahoogroup called
"deaf-uk-bsl". We all posted to this group BSL clips. However,
Yahoogroups has too severe file upload/download limits, so we have now
moved it to Google Groups Beta, where there doesn't appear to be a
limit. So far so good. We now have 33 members – that's astonishing.
The group was only set up a week or so ago. We are fulfilling a need
out there.

I realise this is not strictly videoblogging, but it is an extension of
it e.g. a vblog I did on my blog was posted to deaf-uk-bsl. I think the
two can work in harmony, especially if you just post the URLs to groups
rather than posting the whole video. Saves a lot of downloading.

Anyway, we need some tips with regard to creating videos, and your
help/suggestions would be appreciated.

1) How do you take still pictures of clips already recorded? Doing a
screen grab doesn't work because the video bit is blacked out. I'm
talking about when using Windows Movie Maker by the way.

2) How would you put subtitles onto clips? Ben has created a subtitled
clip using iMovie on his Mac, but is there a Windows method? This would
be quite useful for hearies who understand BSL! Hehe!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Rob Wilks

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