Calling Quicktime Experts

> hopefully, Josh will jump in here about the RSS feeds finding the
> right video for enclosures…

Just to clarify: The RSS isn't finding anything. RSS is a transport format
nothing else. It's all about authors writing good HTML (and it's all about
finding out what good HTML is).

> and where are we with video comments?
> we ever figure out why it just constantly buffers?

I totally forgot about that. If there are any Quicktime experts out there
I would love some help. The video-commenting thingie creates a SMIL list
now, but it won't play the actualy videos. It just keeps buffering
forever. Both Jay and I have the problem.

You can check it out for yourself at

Or if you want to see a sample SMIL file:

When this problem is solved we have a working video commenting system.
Well, a happy text, audio *and* video commenting system. Why limit
ourselves to video comments when we can get everything.

– Andreas

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