Converting mpeg 4 to avi or something else

I'm all backed up on e-mail, but I have a quick question.

I just bought a nice digital camera last week. I've been playing with it
for a couple of days and I wanted to post a small video today. Of course I

It turns out that my camera saves the videos as Quicktime mpeg-4 files. I
use Adobe Premiere 6.0 for editing, but I can't import mpeg-4 into
Premiere (it is an unsupported type).

So I figure that I need to convert the Quicktime mpeg-4 files to something
else so that I can import them into Premiere. Does anyone know how I can
do this as cheaply as possible? I would prefer if I could do this for free
of course. Premiere can import a bunch of stuff – uncompressed DV AVI is
probably the easiest though.

– Andreas

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