copyright cont

Shannon sent this link to me.
has a lot to do about copyright and fair use.
The "outfoxed" raw interviews are available for download so anyone can
reedit them for their own work.

("outfoxed" is a movie that uses FOX news clips to show that the network is
very bias in favor of the Bush administration.)

It brought up a big question:
can the fimmaker, R.Greenwald, use these clips without Fox's permission?
Greenwald, pleading fair Use, had some big guns behind him and was ready for
a fight.
Fox threatened to sue but then backed down.
Now the filmmaker is releasing his interviews under a creative commons


Torrentocracy (along with has exclusive initial access to
distribute these interviews in their digital form due to the work undertaken
to promote a TV-connected, public domain, internet based media distribution

It is plainly obvious that this is quite a development not only for the
furtherance of media projects that promote sharing and openness, but also as
a validation of the legitimate use of peer-to-peer distribution (Induce Act,
anyone?). With projects like Torrentocracy enabling any blog to become its
own "TV channel" through use of bit torrent, perhaps we can begin to re-
enable a plurality of media voices as Outfoxed calls upon us to do. Score
this development right alongside MGM v. Grokster. Indeed, we are "dealing
with something new."

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