creative commons tool

hey guys–

we've been talking about a collaborative tool for videoblogging.

well, here's a tool that Creative Commons is developing for audio
mixing(hopefully video too!)….

"the CC Mixter tool, at , which allows
people to remix and mash up material under a sampling license."

you can see that people can post a song/audio file…
anyone can download it…mix it up…add to it…and upload it as a comment.
or just comment with a new audio file.

Imagine the Conversations we can have.

Just for your info…Creative Commons is partnering with
which means they have almost unlimited storage and bandwidth capabilty
open to us.

you can already use this tool:
to upload your video to their server.
its easy as pie and the limit is 2GB(!) per file.

They have a vision and its about people sharing media under a creative
commons license.
these are the initial tools.
its difficult for me to get the head around.
lets keep doing it.