Day 2 of videoblog week

Here's my 2nd entry for videoblog week.
Peter and I talked about how its easier for us to post because we know we
have at least a small audience.

i found a guy, Mike Sloan, who has already been posting a video a day for
like 2 years!!
I invited him to our group.
I want to know how he stores all his files and what his workflow is for

Ive been learning about Bit Torrent.
It seems to be used by people sharing copies of pirated movies or DAT
recordings of concerts.
Everything good quality.
Here's a link to a group that lets you upload video with Bit Torrent.
I believe that it's personal blogs that will use video better.
Blogs put the video in the context I need.
Why would I put up some personal video about my life on a huge shared

By the way, i really liked Eric's video last night.
I would have never known that guy just by reading his posts.

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