hello from Craige

Hi, I'm Craige, a friend of Mica's. I joined this group on her recommendation. I love
what she is doing with video on her blog and I wanted to get in on the action. I thought
I'd be able to jump right in, but apparently not so! I took a few minutes worth of
footage on my digital camera (it has limited video capabilites, it seems to take only 39
seconds of footage at a time) and loaded it onto my PC. Then came trying to figure out
how to connect the dots and get it on the web. Well, first things first — how to edit
it. I checked out a program that came with my computer called Movie Maker. No go.
Wouldn't recognize a .mov file. Then I downloaded a freeware program — same problem.
Finally I opened Adobe ImageReady and lo and behold it recognized my little movie. I
still don't know how I'm going to connect the pieces, but I guess I'll worry about
editing the pieces down first. Then I'll need to figure out how to get them onto my
blog! I had no idea this was going to be so much work! But it's fun, something new. And
I had never used that video function on my camera, so that's worthwhile.