hello Jay I'm the spanish speaking guy


i thought id share an email i recently got showing that videoblogging
is spreading.

i saw that this Spanish guy had visited my site.
Its all in spanish…but i notice he has some videos on it.
so i email him.
he writes back.
turns out that its his first blog ever, saw our videoblogging.info
page, and figured out how to put up video.

check out the videos:
just him and his friends hanging out.

this is what i like to see.
i cant read spanish…but i can understand video.


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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 20:13:29 -0800
Subject: hello Jay I'm the spanish speaking guy
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Hello, I took the idea of videoblogs from your blog it makes a lot
sense to make once you are blogging to add some videos. It's really
cool I took lot information to how make a video and published in the
internet from videoblogging.info that is a really nice web page. I am
going to post videos on my blog once in a while. I created a typelist
called "mis videos". I'm blogging from northern California I've been
living over her for almost 5 years but I'm from Mexico.