How I would edit a multi camera shoot

How I would edit a multi camera shoot:

Everyone starts their video cameras, and then one person makes a loud
hand clap.

When you digitize the video, you lay it down on multiple tracks.

Then you line all the videos up on that one clap.

If one of the audio tracks is better than all the others, you can use
that one and then shut off the others.

Next you scrub through the video to choose which shots you want.

If at any time you want to select the other audio for clarity, you can
cut out the main audio track and let the secondary track show through.

That's just how I would do it in FCP.

Other editors have a multi camera function that would make it even


On Aug 5, 2004, at 4:38 AM, M. Sean Gilligan wrote:

> If enough people bring DV cams with tripods, we could set them up at
> different angles, leave them running (for the first hour) and then
> figure out a way of synching time code so we could edit the
> conversation from different perspectives to make a vblog summary.
> (disclaimer: I have no idea how the pros do this.) This could be
> surefire way of getting the hotel to kick us out…
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