internal links within a video stream

On Thursday, Jul 1, 2004, at 04:21 America/New_York, Adrian Miles wrote:
>> If you create highlights-for-linking I will of course link to those
>> instead. Maybe this could work: on the same page you have your video,
>> have a message saying wether you allow deep linking, and optionally
>> provide a highlights video to link to instead… Just thinking…
> i'd suggest that linking to and from video is integral to vogging as a
> mature form. via rtsp this would be easier as you could serve 1'30" to
> 1'33" from a clip. with http streaming you can't do this (well you can
> via http but that's only with mirrors, it will still serve the first
> 1'30" just not show it).
> this means you will pay for it,

With HTTP, you can use ranges to link to 1:30 without having to serve
0:00-1:29 first. I believe this is pretty well supported.

– Lucas