Introduce Myself

My name is Ed Yarrish, and I live in Allentown Pennsylvania USA. My
thanks to those of you who have created this e-mail list and related
web sites.

I have been exploring video over the Internet for the last few years,
but I have not actually done any video blogging yet. My experience
started with two friends who created what was similar to computer
conferencing or bulletin board software except that you posted video
clips instead of text messages. The host software kept the clips in
order by topic and kept track of which clips you had seen in the
topic. The client software on your PC automated the compression of
the video file and posting of the resulting compressed file to the
host system. All of the video files were created by WebCams.

The intent of the software developers was "knowledge assembly". The
model for the software was the PBS program "Washington Week in
Review". The software allowed you to create an asynchronous video
panel discussion. A lot of other things could have been done with it
also, but that was the vision of the developers. Unfortunately, the
beta test users did not have the creativity and imagination that many
of you have been demonstrating in your exploration of video blogging.

I did some creative exploration with the software within the limits
set by the developers. As an example, I put a screen behind me and
projected slides of some sculpture of mine. This was a little bit
like the "evening news" format. But, basically it was all talking

I have also used two-way live video over the Internet to communicate
with friends and relatives. In one case the other person had a WebCam
connected to a portable computer with a wireless Internet connection.
This gave considerable mobility and allowed for situations like a tour
of a home and following a young child at play.

I'm interested in learning how to do video blogging. So far, I have
made one short clip with my WebCam and edited it using the video
editing software that comes with Microsoft XP professional. I don't
have anywhere to post it yet, and really would not want to post this
first crude attempt. I'm also not familiar enough with the software
yet to understand the type of file formats it can produce and what
impact the selection of file formats would have on where and how I
could post a video file.

My long-range interest is in exploring new ways to make a living. I
have been an entrepreneurial business person for a number of years,
and technology has generally been involved in my business activities.

Again thank you for creating this e-mail list and for allowing me to
join in the discussion.

Ed Yarrish