Introduction & DigitalBicycle (was: ALOHA ALL… )

Hello everyone (and particularly Randy, whose introduction I'm
actually responding to),

Very nice to meet you. My name is Daniell Krawczyk and I work at LTC,
a PEG access station in Lowell, Massachusetts. I've been here for
about 16 months, and before this I worked for the Grand Rapids
Community Media Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Last summer, at the
Alliance for Community Media conference in Tacoma, I hung out with a
guy named Jack Hobbes from 'Olelo and he told me about cool stuff
going on at your center in Maui. Reading about the AIRLAB online, I'm
very impressed by the amount of original content you put on. I can't
wait to see (and possibly cablecast) it.

I came to this list because of a project I've been directing called
DigitalBicycle that parallels the iPodder and videoblogging
developments and strategies. Basically, it's a centralized web
community that uses a decentralized peer2peer system to automatically
deliver Creatively Common'ed, cablecastable and re-editable, near DVD
quality (interlaced, 640×480, 29.97) community media files to public
access stations, program sponsors, and individual fans using RSS
enclosures and BitTorrent. Basically, producers and centers upload
information and small files to our web community / tracker, keep the
large files on their own dedicated machine, and as long as someone,
somewhere continues to share their files (including themselves) the
files stay available.

The community is built around a number of communication tools, can
easily be automated, and participation only requires a dedicated
machine and DSL-level bandwidth. Producers can make shows available
from their home computers and sponsors, centers, and fans subscribe to
specific RSS feeds and their computers automatically join the download
swarm. Hours later, the files are completely assembled on their hard
drive and ready to be imported into an NLE, exported straight to tape,
burned to DVD, played back live on a Television or cablecast using a
digital media server. While people are free to only download files
and watch them on their home televisions, they are encouraged to
sponsor their favorite videos and regular series at their local public
access station.

We've tested the alpha system with the Commonwealth Broadband
Collaboration, a group of Community Media and Technology Centers in
Eastern Massachusetts, MNN in Manhattan, and a number of individual
producers. Our beta system will be launched in the coming weeks and
we'll be looking for beta testers so please let me know if you would
be interested in making some of the AIRLAB content and upcoming
videoblog entries available at that time. (Same goes for the anybody
else on the list that got this far in the message)

If you are interested in learning more about the DigitalBicycle
project, we have a project blog up at .

A good starting point is an article on the system from the Community
Media Review at:

and these illustrations from the article: and

We also have a listserve for the project which we'll be reviving soon

As I said earlier, we'll be ready for Beta Testers soon, so if you'd
like an invite, let me know.

Daniell Krawczyk

Fri, 29 Oct 2004 22:20:04 -0000, randomdevo <randomdevo@…> wrote:
> I know that Jay already has posted a sort of intro, but I would like to introduce
> myself formally…
> My name is Randy Mills and I live and work on the island of Maui. I have
> been working at the PEG access station here for the last two years and have
> been completely inundated by video these last couple of years, whereas
> before I was almost exclusively a film guy, both motion picture as well as still.
> I graduated from SFSU in 2002 with a B.A. in Cinema as well as a B.A. in
> Photojournalism. six long years and sixty thousand dollars later…I found a
> solid job on Maui and haven't looked back.
> I came across the motionshowing site via INDTV's blog and became
> immediately intrigued by what is happening. I want to be a part of it. We have
> tried some similar stuff on a local level here without much success, I think
> mostly because there is such a small number of us here, and also the majority
> of shooters here do stuff like corporate events and weddings and don't have a
> lot of time to play (or don't make time for it). We are still plugging away,
> however, and AIRLAB TV (Artist In Residence Laboratory) has been slowly
> but surely making its way to the web. About 4 months ago, we completed the
> first season on public access here on Maui, it was 13 long weeks of fresh
> programming. We did 9 original hours of television a week! If you've ever
> tried to do anything like this, you'd know it's next to impossible…but somehow
> we pulled it off and now have a huge library of stuff that we think is bigger
> than Maui. so that's where the web comes in.
> I look forward to learning how to "vlog" and want to participate as much as my
> time will allow. I'll be sendin you guys some cool stuff from the island…no
> worries, you'll just have to give me about a week to get one going. We're so
> busy at work right now prepping for the General Election, we do completely
> LIVE coverage of the elections, (local, state, and even national)…so it's gonna
> be a long night. I love production though, especially large scale, and look
> forward to it. Maybe I'll be able to vlog a clip of some of our coverage (some
> behind the scenes kine).
> Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and what I'm about…hope you all got
> to see the intro video that Jay put the link up for…if not, it's at
>…it's also on the video page
> of my website with a whole gang of shorts I
> did while in college and some of my more recent stuff.
> Much Aloha,
> Randy Mills
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