Magnatune (CC music) (was Legality of adding music?)

> > however, my personal opinion is that if you are not profiting from
>> your videoblog…use what you want.
>> if someone doesnt like it, theyll let you know.
>The problem appears if the RIAA lets you know through a lawsuit. :o)
>Through a videoblog I found a record label that had all their music
>released under a CC license (all songs could be used non-commercially for
>free). Of course I don't remember which videoblog or the name of the
>record label…

It may have been one of my blogs talking about Magnatune:

There's an entry in the vBlog Central FAQ about this topic:

I made this post using some content from Magnatune:

Magnatune also has (what appear to be) reasonable rates for commercial use, as well. (This is their business model, and it sounds great — I hope it works for them and their artists…)

— Sean

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