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> > we once talked about this a while ago….
>> should we split the group into DEVELOPMENT(videoblogging) and
>> EVERYTHING ELSE(videoblogging)?
>If a division does happen, I think we need to be careful how to
>distinguish between the groups.

Good point.

> After all, this thing we talk about —
>videoblogging — is a very technical thing. There's a fine line between a
>"development" issue and a "general" issue.

I would suggest that *development* means one or more of the following:
1) Defining XML formats (for syndication, etc.)
2) Programming

> Topics like production,
>non-linear editing, storage, encoding… these are all issues at the
>forefront of the videoblogging process.

Right. Add to the list *using* XML/HTML for videoblogging.

>Because most of the recent tech talk is focused on one particular area —
>the development of distribution/syndication technologies —

I disagree with this specific recommendation, distribution/syndication is the topic du jour, but may not be enough to sustain a list.

— Sean

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