Mitosis – was: no video iPod

I think we should split off a videoblogging development list, for the following reasons:

1) There is already a lot of traffic on this list with two lists people have a better chance of getting the content they want. They can choose none, one, or both…

2) We don't want to scare off newbies. Videoblogging should be so easy that videobloggers don't have to worry about the technology. [We're working hard on vBlog Central with this goal in mind.] It isn't quite there, yet, so there will need to be *user-oriented* tech talk and group support on the videoblogging list. However, development-level tech talk should move to a new list.

3) I agree with Chris, that there should be more discussion about content and philosophy on *this* list. Moving the *development* talk off should help.

4) The issues we are discussing about syndication and meta-data are very important and we may want to attract other experts into the discussion, who may not be interested in videoblogging, per se.

There will be enough cross-fertilization between the lists that people who are not on the development list will learn about whatever breakthroughs we achieve, so I don't think people who only subscribe to this list will miss out on anything important.

I think it's time for our embryo to evolve from a one-celled life form to one with two cells.

— Sean

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