mix n' mash

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> screw copyrights.

my thoughts exactly!

this came up recently as an issue for charlene, when a fellow vb
experimentor remixed her video, her thoughts :


and for me as well, my brother and sara explain it in this video:


I am so excited that someone would want to remake one of the
online posts for their own. This is something i intend to push – its
part of what this medium, by nature, allows for. Ultimately, it is a
dialog-exchange-mash-up, whatever you want to call it.

FYI – a pioneer in this kind playing is Christian Marclay. Among
other things, he is known for taking two records literally
smashing them into peices, putting them back together and
playing the resulting creation. TOMORROW he will be speaking
about his work in NYC at Eyebeam 540W 21st . 8-10pm.

> We need so many more examples.
> so the question is:
> what's the next step? where are we heading?
> what are we waiting for?

Personally, I would like to see this used by kids asap – they will
create the new language.
im thinking, ill try to get some of the HS kids i worked with last
semester to do one about applying for college this year?

any other ideas y'all?