Mmm… Belgian Beer!

My name is Steve Garfield and I'm a Video Producer and Editor from

As a New Year's resolution, I started my video blog on January 1,
2004, and in that first
post, I called 2004 The Year of the Video Blog.

On the blog I'm experimenting with different types of video: Time
Lapse and Video from
my Canon S400 Digital Still Camera, and Digital Video from my Canon
GL2 miniDV camera.

I explain the process I go through for those that haven't done it yet.

I also use the blog to post entries of things I'm learning to do with
editing, like adding
music with Apple's LiveType, while editing in Final Cut Pro.

An issue we all face is bandwidth usage and image quailty. You'd
like to post nice looking
video, but the download it too long for a lot of users still on dial

I'm very interested in producing reality news by citizen journalists
and plan on doing some
reporting from the Democratic Convention next month.

Looking forward to the discussion,
As Seen In TIME Magazine: