new people welcome: MAKE A VIDEO

So Day 3 of videoblog week is over.
i just posted:
All kinds of different ways you can post video.
personal, traditionally edited, experimental.
you can do a lot of work, or a little.

By the way, we got 30 members of this videoblog discussion group now.
about 20 new people have joined since we started a week ago.
we represent Rotterdam, Denmark, UK, Norway, philippines, Minneapolis,
Bethesda, Boston, CA, NYC.
I really encourage anyone new to jump in, introduce yourself:
what's your experience with videoblogging?
Post a video. we're not even 1/2 way through videoblog week.
Like I tell Peter, I want to see what's up in other countries.
You dont SEE this on the internet.

I also encourage anyone new to check out our wiki:
Add your knowledge to it.

I think Aisling may be in here as well.
She's the one who made the pseudo-videoblogging tool a couple years ago.
what's the word?

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