New Video Upload Website

Thanks for welcoming me to the group Jay. I've been watching this
forum for a couple of weeks now.

The website I've developed is primarily for camera phone video. That
is small clips generally recorded in 3gp format, but I think it's also
very conevenient for vidblogs. I know there are a lot of complaints
about the quality of 3gp, but I think its an amazingly efficient
format for putting huge amount of content in very small file sizes.

Anyway I hope vidbloggers can find my site useful. It's not a vidblog
in itself, but vidbloggers can post small clips and link them to their
blog and also to other video clips on the site. If the site develops
enough traffic, it could become a great promotional tool for
vidbloggers. Also not this is my version 1.0 so things could change.
I think that will be determined by the feedback I get. Also, as of
this moment, the site is completely clean. It's brand new and waiting
for uploads.

After all that talk, here is the site:

I'll be glad to hear comments and criticism.