New vlog actor-director-producer

<<If you're new, please introduce yourself. Tell us your experience
with videoblogging, if any. And by all means, put up a video on your
blog and let us know about it.>>

I'm new to the list. Dave Hall, 39-years old.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been fiddling around
and having fun with digital videography since 2000. The only "rule"
I try stick to is to make micro-movies of 2-minutes or less.

I use Adobe Premiere 6.0 to edit and use Cleaner plug-in to compress
to the "broadband" .WMV format.

I'm mostly interested in the creative and artistic side of video
blogging, experimenting with camera angles and basically trying to
do as much as possible to tell a great story with as little as
possible. I just plain enjoy making these little movies and think
that showing up (acting) in them is probably good for my self-

I've recently started training for an Ironman Triathlon to be held
in March 20 and am planning to video blog the entire adventure ..
training, interviews with coaches and the event itself.

I have two recently made 2-minute video blogs on my website. The
downloads are 4Mb.