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code for embedding coming shortly. will make a prototype for version
3.x this weekend…

the entry:
Last week I made vogroll version 1.0. A QuickTime based movie that is
the video equivalent of a blogroll. This first version consisted only
of still images with a simple mouse in event which rolled over the
image. Clicking would take you to that individual's videoblog. Well, it
didn't take long to realise that what I'd done could just as easily be
done by a basic image map, so really not a lot had been achieved by
doing it QuickTime.

Which leads us to Vogroll 2.0. Why a whole iteration? Because this one
is now video. This time mousing in to each person's image will cause a
brief 3 second clip to play. Mousing out restores the image. This works
for each person in the vogroll. This makes the vogroll much more, well,

The video that I've used I've just lifted from each individual's
videoblog. The one I did I did specifically for this project, so I'm
inviting those who want to use it to shoot and make available a three
second clip, which is what I'll include. The total file is currently
260Kb. I reckon I can shave a few Kb off that, but the problem with a
vogroll like this is that as more are added to it, the file size
rapidly only becomes viable for broadband.

Which brings me to vogroll 3.0, which is my job for next weekend. In
this one I'll experiment with using child movies for each of the
tracks. The advantage of this is that the vogroll movie will be a
fraction of its current size (it needs to be 260Kb because it currently
contains the 3 second samples from each vogger). It also means that the
video content that any user wants to display can be as long as they
wish. As long as the bit rate is really low, so that it will more or
less stream on demand, then if you want a 5 minute intro to who you are
on your blog, off you go.

Bit rate rather than total file size is important here because the
parent movie (what will actually be the vogroll that you embed in your
videoblog) will be, say, 30 or so Kb, but as you mouse into a person's
image it will retrieve whatever it is they want to say or present. This
will be video, presumably off their own website (though I can host it
here), which will appear within the vogroll movie only when someone
mouses into it. So a request is made to receive this video, and it
plays within the vogroll movie. So as long as the bit rate is low (and
it is fast start) then it will start playing almost immediately (I'd
expect within 3 seconds). Off course three seconds is an eternity, but
such lag and delay for me is a condition of the network.

Oh, another benefit, by building it like this we should be able to play
nearly any video format inside of QuickTime, including avi as long as
it is compressed with a QuickTime legible codec.

Adrian Miles
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