Not The Amazing Race

This morning I tried out a few different methods of posting a new
video, Not the Amazing Race.

My wife and I went for a hike at hike at the Blue Hills Reservation
located just outside of Boston.

We're always talking about how we'd make a great team on the Amzing
Race TV show, so for this hike we imagined ourselves in competition in
a race to get to the top first.

Made the hike a lot of fun.

You should see us when we're driving. 😉

First I tried PictureM. For this video I changed my size to 120×90,
that made it 2.2 MB

I'm getting used to their blogging format, which has a different
interface than my other blogging tools, so it took a while to get it

My test PictureM blog is at:

And my new post is here:

Kind of a long URL.

Next I uploaded my video to my test vBlog at vSpan,

It's size at 320 x 240 made it 4.7 MB

Direct link:

mp4 and swf
I also made an mp4 file that's 5.1 MB and a swf that's 4.7 MB.

Later on I'll try to post those.


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