okay..we begin

Okay Videobloggers–

This is the experiment for OurMedia.org…the server that wants to archive
original videos.
It's actually just an arm of the Internet Archives Server.
Not a big secret, but here's how to do it.
JD Lasica is asking us to try it out.
This is how the upload works now…and he wants to know the problems.
(looks pretty complicated)
Please send me all feedback.


Hi Jay,

OK, let's give this whirl. It looks a tad complicated, but that's no surprise.
so as to not "bias" your sample, you might ask the other video bloggers to
try uploading video with the same set of instructions — and without comparing
notes or helping each other figure it out.

I want to see how hard this is and whether we totally need to redo the video
submission engine that the Int. Archive now has, which seems likely.

1. First thing you need to do is register with the Internet Archive. Just
your email address and a password. I think that's it.

2. Next, sign in, if you're not already. Then start with this page:
(It twice gave me an "Access Forbidden" notice, but I just ignored it; once I
was logged on, I called up the url in another window and it let me in.)

(Here are the instructions you'll find there, with links):
Uploading movies to the Internet Archive is a straightforward process with
several stages/steps:

1.Use an FTP client to connect to movies-uploads.archive.org on port 21. Enter
your Internet Archive username (your email address: jdlasica@…) and
password to log in. Need help? See this FAQ.

2. For each movie you want to contribute, create a directory and upload one or
more files. Make sure every movie you upload has a good name. A good name
would be something descriptive and unique. Please ensure that an extension is
affixed to the file (.mpg, .avi, .mov). Also, make sure that each file in the
directory starts with the same name as the directory (e.g. if your directory
is named movie1, make sure the files are called movie1.mpg, movie1.asf, or

3. Please read this FAQ for information about expected extensions for file

4. Once your uploads are complete, you should process the movie files.
Provided your uploads pass initial checks (the file is recognized as a valid
movie file),
you will be able to import the movies. Importing the movie consists of
supplying metadata such as the title, producer, year of production, and other
Once you submit the form, your movie will be queued for automatic processing.
After the processing is complete, your movie will be examined by a curator.
When a curator "signs off" on your import, the movie will be moved
automatically to its final destination and the movie will be made available to
the community.

Here's some additional info sent to me by the Internet Archive folks:

�This will take care of creating the necessary metadata (xml) files, and is
generally the easiest way to upload a few movies.

Alternately, if you have many movies, or are technically savvy and want to
generate your own xml, you can automate the submission process by
following the directions here:


A better explanation of this process with a bit more context can be found


�So, give it a whirl. There's no secret handshake or backdoor key … anyone
from the public can use the same method to upload video to the Archive.

You can do it yourself or send this out to the group.

Please keep in close contact with me on this until you get it done and we're
happy with the results. Then we can figure out a better way to make this
happen on the ourmedia site.

Jay Dedman
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
537 West 59th
NY NY 10019
212 757 2670 ext.312