Re: Aloha

I use Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD…the KHRINJ vid with the girl in all red and the rest
desaturated was a couple of color correction filters to totally desaturate both
green and blue and just leave the red in (a lot simpler than I thought it would
be actually). I shot that vid with a Sony PD-150, one of my favorite
cameras…has great weight distribution and is solid as a tank…oh, makes
great images as well (if you know how to use it). I've been shooting a lot with
the Sony PDX10 lately, not that I like the camera that much physically (the
weight distribution is totally off and it's awkward to hold in different positions),
but it makes a beautiful "native" 16:9 image (vs. the PD-150 which does not
do "native" 16:9).

All of my old stuff was shot with a Sony Digital8 handycam though, you can
definitely tell the difference. I shot a lot of 16mm film stuff, but haven't had it
telecined yet so none of that stuff is on my site.

Thanx for checkin that out Eric, you know, there are a lot of things you can do
in post that will make just about any video look decent. I usually will adjust
the brightness and contrast first, crush the blacks a little bit, and boost the
saturation a little as well. I mean, you do have to have some kind of image
first though…



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> Welcome.
> Technical stuff:
> What kind of software video editors do you use? For the music video
> with the girl in red for example. Very astonishing quality… did you
> use professional equipment for that one? What do you shoot with?
> I have a Sony MiniDV DCR-TRV50 (nothing on my website
> was filmed by me, but I plan on recording stuff for it in the coming
> months)