Re: [] Alternate enclosures

Hi posted something on the rss discussion list and Jay asked me this,
is more relevant here I think:

On 09/11/2004, at 6:26 PM, Jay dedman wrote:

> i think we have pretty similiar ideas about the procuction of
> videoblogs.
> (though maybe not the viewing experience)
> we keep talking about collaborative projects.
> video comments.
> video threads.
> aggregated conversations.
> but how are any of these things possible?

dunno. but with people like those on the list listening they'll solve
it technically once it makes sense as to why you'd like to do it. so i
guess my approach is to make this stuff and hopefully someone will make
a tool to make life easier, much like Andreas and his text annotation

> I agree that we need to take advantage of blog's decentralized nature.
> so your 50 students each havign their own videoblog…then you using
> an RSS video feed to grab their videos….great idea.
> but where will you watch the videos?

on my computer….

> will you click on each enclosure and be taken to each website?

that's one option

> will you automaticaly download the videos overnight and watch them
> back to back?

they'll be on my uni server so don't have to worry about that.
i'm meeting with some comp. sci people end of this month and i'm hoping
this might be something they'll be interested in, if it is then some
things can start to be made and tested.

> up to now, we've pretty much figured out how to post video.
> but what now?

well, we still need video publishing systems that go straight to blogs.
but they're not very far away at all. then as blogs show we need
aggregation/syndication tools. probably with bit torrent. but this
isn't just convenience to view stuff but allows possibilities for new
sorts of work. it isn't collaborative but aggregative. different

Adrian Miles