Re: Another attempt

— In, Alison Bryan <alison.bryan@g…>
> Just thinking – we need vcomments too! If vblogs are going to be
> vi=
sual, then the comment feature needs to be! Or am I dreaming 50
> years fr=
om now? vspam would be a nightmare to manage.

There was an article just y=
esterday, ZDNet I think, about VOIP spam. I
guess if someone stuck an ad in=
as their comment, that would be spam.
Message spam occurs in newsgroups, I=
saw a rather scary sign on
another Yahoo group that someone has found a wa=
y to automate it,
posting ads that appear to be related to the subject of a=

recently-posted message.

best regards,
Deirdr=E9 Straughan