Re: [audvidsyn] of interest?


I just checked out the php source from the cvs repository
(non-total-geeks can stop reading now ;D)

it looks like it is php code to generate quicktime tags: the same
tags that are inserted into your html.

its further complexitized by the fact that they also generate the
javascript that does a document.write() of the html tags because they
thought that because of the eolas patent dispute with embedded
objects they would have to resort to these kinds of hacks since ie6
was going to be changed in early 2004 (never did happen and now
microsoft says it wont ever).

the nifty things that i found from it:

makes a binary qt movie that references another:
function makeRefMovie($qturl) {
$n = strlen($qturl);
header('Content-type: video/quicktime');
echo pack('Na4Na4Na4Na4xxxxa4Na*x', $n+45, 'moov', $n+37, 'rmra',
$n+29, 'rmda', $n+21, 'rdrf', 'url ', $n+1, $qturl);

didnt quite understand what this does:
function getQTLink()

see the cvs source for more details:

this is also cool (passing dynamic data to your quicktime video,
which could be cool if you add script inside your quicktime video
using the apple tools — i have no experience in this tho):

notice this: moviename="<This is an embed tag moviename>" from:

and now the video that has the dynamic text: (i think!?):