Re: Blogger vs. Typepad

Wow, Eric, thanks for the tip!! I wish I'd known that before I signed
up for Typepad.. but since I *am* on a 30 day free trial.. maybe I'll

When are you starting your reseller program?

I'll look them up online and have a look-see…


— In, "Eric Rice" <eric@e…> wrote:
> Personally I use Blogware. Supports video and audio nicely, and is
just a kick ass service.
> They are like the Macintosh of the blogging world. Whatever all the
other kids come out
> with, Blogware has had forever.
> It's probably closer to Typepad than Blogger. There are resellers
out there–I use
> Blogmedia– and I am becoming one myself for the everyday creative
consumer who wants
> to publish audio and video…as well as simple blogging.
> Eric