Re: Craige's progress

im frustrated just reading about it.
i have an olympus c3030 that i have used to make QT movies for
web but i work on a mac. must have been simple or i wouldnt
have been able to figure it out. did the olympus 'camedia'
program have any support for the mov. files? I'll ask around too.

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> My progress (I hope posting here about my slow-going
attempts to get
> up and running is the right thing to do):
> I downloaded the mov-converter from winMPG. It came with
very little
> support or guidance and there were numerous things I had to
> from that I am not familiar with, such as codec. I tried many
> different combinations and kept coming up with errors.
> I then downloaded a similar program from River Past called
> Cleaner:
> It has plenty of support and a good tutorial on exactly how to
> the program, with screen shots. However, the program kept
saying that
> my .mov files were not in a recognizable movie format. Argh!!!
> I am thoroughly frustrated that my Olympus' video function is so
> difficult to use on my PC. I think my next step will be to try to
> find evidence of others with the same camera discussing the
> function.
> -Craige