Re: Eric's rockin party time blog

Whoa whoa, wait, they started playing at once? Or did you maniacally click play on all of
those? Either way, I'd love to know. The technology is beta and non-public, other than me
using it only.

— In, "contactmica" <contactmica@y…> wrote:
> Eric's site is looking great!
> all the tiny movies started going at once
> and it was like a crazy little party on the screen.
> the new little video's are really nice
> not that i dont like seeing you, but i really enjoy seeing WHAT
> YOU SEE (content) and HOW you see it (form).
> i also like the idea he has about
> a game/friendster/weblog experiment
> im down to try something like that
> id love to start a videoblog thats like a chainletter or 'exquisite
> corpse'- im so ready for something more interactive-y
> Lets!
> my own daily postings have been going well
> the idea was that a month of posting daily
> would be practice and id have a handle on
> some technique -( i'm still getting there)
> but i also think looking back on a month of posts
> will help figure out where im going with content
> i hightly recoment this excercise
> it also keeps me from getting to precious with
> the video –
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> wrote:
> > I don't normally like to self-post, okay I lied, but did you guys
> peek at the videos in my TV
> > area?
> >
> > Starting halfway down the page, I've been a little blog happy
> lately. I'm always blog.happy.
> > 😉
> >