Re: Flash

Well, Flash (at the moment) is a streaming format, while others are portable.
When it comes to the practical aspect of delivering content, and the ease of use of
accessing it, it's impossible to ignore the value. Actually, I've heard higher percentages of
flash penetration, but still, that's impressive.

And forgive me for always having a business lean to my thinking, but the same issues that
affect business affect indies. Triple formatting your video to accomodate allll users just
triples the bandwidth usage and storage space. I can't afford that as a business, nor as an

It's a judgement call, basically. There is some content I want people to take with them and
distribute freely, and there is other content that I want people to stay on my site and
digest. The same process applies to using audio vs video vs text.


— In, Steve Garfield <steve@o…> wrote:
> Just read this on the Userplane website:
> – Flash is installed on nearly 90% of all browsers… nothing to down
> load, install, or hassle with.
> Hmm… why then are we working with QT, WMV and Real?
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