Re: Hi everyone, from blogDJ, Dave

Hey Dave-

Great post. I also suffer from self-induldgent need to gab, and very
similarly was exploring flash video for the same purpose.

I've been desperately trying to find a good solution for
videoblogging, and finally found one that works for me. Luckily, I
work for a company that has a lot of flash tools and flash video
tools and was able to adapt our system to suit my needs.

I'm using an in-stream adserver to manage and deliver my video. The
Eyeblaster VideoClip Module was designed to serve TV style ads into
user requested content, like when you click to play a movie trailer
or a behind the scenes of some hollywood premere that you'd find on
entertainment tonight's website or the like.

after much fiddling, I finally got it to work. so no i'm getting
down to business. vblogging.

— In, "db" <mrstuneman@y…> wrote:
> A howdy-do, to all of you! 🙂
> It's Dave, aka the blog DJ – however, I may be the only DJ who does
> NOT post mp3's of songs on my blog. My life story, wrapped up in an
> easy-to-chew bite-sized chunk…
> I've been a DJ for almost 20 years, both on radio and for private
> functions. My passion has always been to be in front of a
> however, I have become more involved in the marketing aspect of it
> over the last 6+ years, using my gift (or curse?) of gab as the
> vehicle.
> I have been using audio online to assist myself (and others) in
> marketing their products, and have been using instant flash audio
> online for the better part of 18 months. However, in the past few
> months, I've been increasingly interested in finding a way to get
> same instantaneous benefits from flash video. That is, a way where
> people can convey their messages using video. Hence, my discovery
> videoblogging.
> With that in mind, I searched and searched, and stumbled across
> name online, as well as Sean Gilligan's. Tried to contact Sean via
> mail (did ya get it, Sean?), but may not have had the correct
> Contacted Jay, and he said joining the group would be a wonderful
> thing, so here I am! 🙂
> Indeed, my videos are more of an "infomercial" style, although I
> also include usable content in them as well. I'm not the type to
> videotape, say, the cat running around on the piano. However,
where I
> hope to contribute is to open up the videoblogging myth, and show
> people that anyone can do it. Alas, I've been talking into a mike
> since I was 12, but have been videoblogging for only 1 month.
> ** If anyone is interested in seeing an example of my blabby, gabby
> videoblogging, check at –
> In this blog, I am currently promoting the Big Seminar, which I
> promote at – I use the blog as a
> vehicle AND an experiemental post. It is, indeed, my first
> in blogging, so it is, unfortunately, the only example I currently
> have.
> I discovered the Userplane beta, and have even talked to Michael
> there. However, I think he's underestimating the power of the
> application, and that's one of the reasons why I was trying to
> Sean, as he may know another videoblogging tool to which I might be
> able to open the potential marketing eyes' of others.
> Yep, this was going to be a short intro, but – alas – remember the
> (curse) of gab, huh? 🙂
> So, I'll leave it to everyone else…..what are you currently using
> your blogs for (personal, biz, etc.), what easy tools do you use,
> what future interests for vblogging do either YOU have, or see for
> format?
> Let the discussions begin! Thanks, and God Bless, Dave