Re: I laugh.. Ha Ha!

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> For videoblogging, there are some hosted video solutions that make it
> easier to upload video that just works on your blog. Check out M. Sean
> Gilligan's VBlogCentral ( or Audioblog's new
> video service ( These choices
> allow you to upload video using their service, and then they will
> create a small code snippet that you copy and past into your blog
> entry. This code makes the video appear in your blog entry compressed
> and ready to play in the browser.

Hi folks, just wanted to help clear something up.

To clarify, we don't *currently* have the video upload functionality with the
video tool (how's that for confusing naming? Heh). Most of the time there's no code
snippet that needs to be cut and pasted. 90% of the time, it posts directly to any of the
major blog software and hosting providers (free and otherwise).

Hope that helps.