Re: imovie and blogs

Well, like i noted before, it's talking head stuff, but here is how it went for me tonight:

1. click imovie on the dock
2. clicked the camera icon (it was on edit)
3. click record (and action!)
4. click stop
5. File > Share
6. Click Homepage icon
7. when taken to .Mac, click template
8. Click publish

Your mileage may vary, obviously, given things like being logged in to .mac or not, if you
previously had a project open in iMovie or not, but those are the basic steps. The thing
with video which makes me nervous putting the *blog at the end of it, is that it is much
more dynamic than audio or text. Non-linear and such. So obviously, there are plenty of
clicks involved. In my example, the quality was less than perfect and the video was small,
and that opens a whole new can of worms (probably the biggest) as far as video
*anything* is concerned.

The other unfair advantage here, is how iMovie and the other iLife apps integrate and
connect to a central place. Life isn't this easy for most of the world, unfortunately. I, too,
would love to see it publish to someplace other than the .Mac account.


— In, Jay Dedman <jay@m…> wrote:
> > Hi all, just a quick note about iMovie. With a .mac account, it takes as
> > little as 7 clicks to
> > publish a videoblog, and that's just recording only, no editing– just
> > talking-head stuff.
> Okay, Eric, can you list these seven steps?
> What about compression? Quicktime is pretty clunky.
> You got to get these video files SMALL if you want to have any kind of blog
> with updated videos.
> Ive found that Sorenson is the best game in town for small size and pretty
> decent quality.
> Steve ( puts out great looking
> videos, but they're huge. 10MB+.
> imagine trying to do that daily.
> But again, this is how I see videoblogging. daily videos.
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