Re: imovie and blogs

Hello all,

I just tested out the iMovie share to homepage option. It is very quick and easy but has no
options for changing the compression settings. I guess this is both a strength and a
weakness. It gives you 12fps, 240 x 180 in the H.263 codec. Once iMovie has finished
compressing the file and copying it to the iDisk, the .mac homepage configuration website
is automatically launched and templates for page layout (all fairly cheesy) are presented.

Check out the results:

Like Adrian said, with a bit of hacking I'm sure someone could make iMovie put the movie
file on another server. It would also be cool if it could launch another content
management config page, say in Moveable Type, complete with embed tags etc.

David Wolf

— In, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@r…> wrote:
> hi all
> just had a quick look again at iMovie. it already publishes directly to
> a .mac account so probably via WebDav or similar. This means it should
> be relatively easy for someone to write a small hack that lets you
> publish to any web server. these already exist for iphoto and ical.
> apart from this iMovie already meets all the requirements. you can also
> publish only a nominated clip, so could if you wished just capture and
> publish all from the one application.
> cheers
> Adrian Miles
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