Re: introduction

> It'd be cool to have a webjay page collecting all the video's we
> posted this week. (pretty much all of them seem to be Quicktime). I
> thinking of handcoding a SMIL containing all of them, but if webJay
> do it, even better! Maybe someone can set that up?

I will do some kind of page with all the videos from the week Monday
before you guys wake up. Both for my own site and my own personal
pleasure and for the wiki. I don't mind doing a SMIL also – not that
I've figured out how to handcode such a thing yet. If I can use that
webjay thing that would rock – it's been bookmarked. :o)

You were wondering about the strength of videoblogging. As I pointed
out on my blog yesterday I strongly believe that the strength of
videoblogging lies in the ability to create narratives – something
that audio-visual media is exceptional at.

I also posted the music video on my blog at <http://www.solitude.
At 121 megabyte I think it's the largest videoblog entry yet. :o)
If you can call three months work a videoblog entry. Check it out
though. The music is good even though the band were too much in their
rock star mind to put in a decent day's work.

I have my article on videoblog genres coming up really soon now. I
going to finish it yesterday, but I ended up watching the soccer
(and oh my god was that a great game!). Now I might wait with
publishing it until the week is over so I can include all videoblog
week's entries as examples. We'll see. :o)

– Andreas