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Aloha Daniell,

Sorry for the delay…have been really busy. I am totally interested in your
DigitalBicycle project and will talk with Akaku Programming Dept. as well as
Sean McLaughlin our President/CEO to get more input on our end regarding
involvement on that end. As far as AIRLAB goes, I will talk to the lead
producers Jay April and Lou DiLiberto and see if they are interested in
making AIRLAB available for this. What would we need? A dedicated
computer and a broadband connection that is online 24/7?

I look forward to this opportunity man…seriously. I'm all about free speech
and awesome art!

Randy Mills

— In, Daniell Krawczyk <dkrawc@g…>
> Hello everyone (and particularly Randy, whose introduction I'm
> actually responding to),
> Very nice to meet you. My name is Daniell Krawczyk and I work at LTC,
> a PEG access station in Lowell, Massachusetts. I've been here for
> about 16 months, and before this I worked for the Grand Rapids
> Community Media Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Last summer, at the
> Alliance for Community Media conference in Tacoma, I hung out with a
> guy named Jack Hobbes from 'Olelo and he told me about cool stuff
> going on at your center in Maui. Reading about the AIRLAB online, I'm
> very impressed by the amount of original content you put on. I can't
> wait to see (and possibly cablecast) it.
> I came to this list because of a project I've been directing called
> DigitalBicycle that parallels the iPodder and videoblogging
> developments and strategies. Basically, it's a centralized web
> community that uses a decentralized peer2peer system to automatically
> deliver Creatively Common'ed, cablecastable and re-editable, near DVD
> quality (interlaced, 640×480, 29.97) community media files to public
> access stations, program sponsors, and individual fans using RSS
> enclosures and BitTorrent. Basically, producers and centers upload
> information and small files to our web community / tracker, keep the
> large files on their own dedicated machine, and as long as someone,
> somewhere continues to share their files (including themselves) the
> files stay available.
> The community is built around a number of communication tools, can
> easily be automated, and participation only requires a dedicated
> machine and DSL-level bandwidth. Producers can make shows available
> from their home computers and sponsors, centers, and fans subscribe to
> specific RSS feeds and their computers automatically join the download
> swarm. Hours later, the files are completely assembled on their hard
> drive and ready to be imported into an NLE, exported straight to tape,
> burned to DVD, played back live on a Television or cablecast using a
> digital media server. While people are free to only download files
> and watch them on their home televisions, they are encouraged to
> sponsor their favorite videos and regular series at their local public
> access station.
> We've tested the alpha system with the Commonwealth Broadband
> Collaboration, a group of Community Media and Technology Centers in
> Eastern Massachusetts, MNN in Manhattan, and a number of individual
> producers. Our beta system will be launched in the coming weeks and
> we'll be looking for beta testers so please let me know if you would
> be interested in making some of the AIRLAB content and upcoming
> videoblog entries available at that time. (Same goes for the anybody
> else on the list that got this far in the message)
> If you are interested in learning more about the DigitalBicycle
> project, we have a project blog up at .
> A good starting point is an article on the system from the Community
> Media Review at:
> and these illustrations from the article:
> and
> We also have a listserve for the project which we'll be reviving soon
> at:
> As I said earlier, we'll be ready for Beta Testers soon, so if you'd
> like an invite, let me know.
> Daniell Krawczyk
> Fri, 29 Oct 2004 22:20:04 -0000, randomdevo <randomdevo@y…> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I know that Jay already has posted a sort of intro, but I would like to
> > myself formally…
> >
> > My name is Randy Mills and I live and work on the island of Maui. I have
> > been working at the PEG access station here for the last two years and
> > been completely inundated by video these last couple of years, whereas
> > before I was almost exclusively a film guy, both motion picture as well as
> > I graduated from SFSU in 2002 with a B.A. in Cinema as well as a B.A. in
> > Photojournalism. six long years and sixty thousand dollars later…I found a
> > solid job on Maui and haven't looked back.
> >
> > I came across the motionshowing site via INDTV's blog and became
> > immediately intrigued by what is happening. I want to be a part of it. We
> > tried some similar stuff on a local level here without much success, I think
> > mostly because there is such a small number of us here, and also the
> > of shooters here do stuff like corporate events and weddings and don't
have a
> > lot of time to play (or don't make time for it). We are still plugging away,
> > however, and AIRLAB TV (Artist In Residence Laboratory) has been
> > but surely making its way to the web. About 4 months ago, we completed
> > first season on public access here on Maui, it was 13 long weeks of fresh
> > programming. We did 9 original hours of television a week! If you've ever
> > tried to do anything like this, you'd know it's next to impossible…but
> > we pulled it off and now have a huge library of stuff that we think is bigger
> > than Maui. so that's where the web comes in.
> >
> > I look forward to learning how to "vlog" and want to participate as much as
> > time will allow. I'll be sendin you guys some cool stuff from the island…no
> > worries, you'll just have to give me about a week to get one going. We're
> > busy at work right now prepping for the General Election, we do
> > LIVE coverage of the elections, (local, state, and even national)…so it's
> > be a long night. I love production though, especially large scale, and look
> > forward to it. Maybe I'll be able to vlog a clip of some of our coverage
> > behind the scenes kine).
> >
> > Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and what I'm about…hope you all
> > to see the intro video that Jay put the link up for…if not, it's at
> >…it's also on the video
> > of my website with a whole gang of
shorts I
> > did while in college and some of my more recent stuff.
> >
> > Much Aloha,
> >
> > Randy Mills
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