Re: Left Eye/Right Eye

Deirdr=E9 wrote:
> Hmm. I had to get the camera out and test. I'm left-=
handed, but
> right-eyed.

FWIW, most everyone has a "dominant" eye. An eas=
y way to identify
which one it is for you, is to make a circle with your fi=
ngers, then
look at some object across the room through that circle, then s=
each eye to see which eye centered on the object.

I'd be willing to b=
et that this is the eye you use with a viewfinder.

Ironically, my subordin=
ate eye (my right one) has sharper vision than
the dominant.

Most people h=
ave a dominant leg too. It's the leg that you favor in
balance/strength int=
ensive situations. There's an easy test for this
too. Stand up, then withou=
t thinking about it too much, stand on one
leg. The leg you reflexively cho=
ose to stand on is your dominant leg.

[If you're like me, and, when told t=
o stand on one leg, asked, "which
one?" then you're too anal retentive, and=
don't really deserve to know
these things about yourself.]

[OK, sorry, I =
know these aren't about vidlogging, but you'll make
money in a bar bet with=
them one day. Thank me later.]

— Jack