Re: message board on the website?

> (BTW, One of my concerns about the tech talk was that it might scare
ay people who are interested in discussing vblogging as an art form
or comm=
unication medium and want to share their videos and comment on
those of oth=
ers. Although I don't have much to contribute in this
area, I've enjoyed l=
istening and watching the discussion.)

It's still such early days for thi=
s that there's room for both.
Personally, I am still struggling with both t=
he technical and artistic
aspects, and am interested in what others have to=
say on both fronts.
We are still so far from the technology being easy tha=
t it's safe to
say that most of us can benefit from the technical discussio=

best regards,
Deirdr=E9 Straughan