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> > screw copyrights.
> my thoughts exactly!

Personally, I try to res=
pect copyrights on any material that's
current or is saleable. I don't fee=
l too bad, though, about posting
rare footage from Fifties educational fil=
ms or pages from a long out-
of-print book from the 30s. I'm more spirit of=
the law than letter.
However, when it comes to my own material that I pla=
ce online for
the world to steal, my official copyright statement:

"All c=
ontent property of The Dane and NekoNoir Designs =A92004
Use at your leisur=
e, pleasure, or any other 'zhoor' word of which
you can think; you can eve=
n say that its yours =97 I don't care."

Pax out,
The Dane