Re: my second video

— In, Jay Dedman <jay@m…> wrote:
> i real=
ly like how you explain how you made the blog, the process.

Thanks! My tec=
h writer background is showing, I guess.

> its still way too difficult for=
the common person who just knows email.

I know. I'm a geek and I can do t=
his stuff, but I want to see the
power to create and distribute video deliv=
ered into the hands of the
public. Technology in general is way too hard.


> ive never seen anyone post like this.
> maybe the Dane.
> you use flash =
in Dreamweaver.
> its kind of cool how the video plays as soon as you load =
the site.
> unstoppable.

Actually, I'd like it to be stoppable, rewindable=
, etc. – I'd like to
have a full array of VCR buttons on the screen. I need=
to learn Flash
better, which I will be doing (hopefully) over the next mon=
th or so.

best regards,
Deirdr=E9 Straughan