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iSight and video communication is becoming quite popular among the
deaf community. Every computer at the computer lab at Gaulladet
Univerisity has a webcam. Phone booths are similarly equipped if one
wants to make a video relay call (you sign, interpreter speaks to
whom you called, and interprets back into sign for you). Several deaf
people I know here in NY have recently bought cams and are chatting
whenever they're on the computer with them.

This kind of one-to-one communication doesn't need more than a camera
and broadband, and there's no immediate need to save conversations.
So storage isn't really an issue. But if you look at how popular
sidekicks and blackberrys are in the deaf community (particularly
youth), you can imagine how quickly video conferencing will spread.
So I imagine if there was something fun and social to do with video,
it might extend beyond one-to-one conversation. But it's interesting
to imagine what deaf blogging would look like.

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> > > Why do written languages make it inaccessible? Am I missing
> >something?
> >
> >Good question, and one that is asked by most people out there.
> >
> >Answer is threefold:
> <snip>
> >Anyone who has experience of using different languages should have
> >an inkling of what I'm talking about.
> Very interesting. Thanks for explaining it to me/us.
> > > Are you implying "talking hands" instead of "talking heads"?
> >
> >Well talking hands, facial expressions, body movement, placement
> >etc. Sign isn't just about your hands, although it might look like
> >it to an outsider. 🙂
> I understand. One of the subjects of discussion on this list (and
elsewhere) is what value a "talking head" video adds over a text-only
blog entry. In many cases the answer seems to be "not much". Sign
language is a case where there is great value to having video. This
is what I was beginning to understand when I asked the above question.
> > > <promo-mode>That's what is trying to
> >do.</promo-mode> Many of us think this type of approach makes
> >
> >Excellent. I will take a look at it.
> Please sign up for the alpha. We'd love to get feedback from deaf
users, I'm sure they'll bring a new and interesting set of feature
> >Some of this stuff, needs to be taken out to the Deaf community,
> >I am talking about internationally.
> What are the issues with "translating" from one sign language to
another. Is there an "international" sign language?
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