Re: New Post: Terror Free

so what program/compression situation is it that you are using
to post the video there? i think its the same one that jay used to
post today? i comes up funky on my computer -the images is
watery and low res and doesnt play while its loading. also
doesnt allow me to use the playerbar to watch part of it over
again – its like it has to reload everytime i move it? weird.
i want to try something diffrent to make my videos open quicker.
i dont yet understand what will work best.

— In, Steve Garfield
<steve@o…> wrote:
> Hi,
> I took one of the pieces I did for the DNC and expanded it after
> more news about terror and terror alerts.
> The Statue of Liberty Gang promotes being Terror Free.
> I posted this one on my vSpan test blog:
> –Steve